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Meet Chris and Antoine

Chris Lipp is author of two books including The Startup Pitch: A Proven Formula to Win Funding. Chris delivers corporate workshops and coaches worldwide. His work spans pitching, persuasion, and power. He and Antoine cofounded Stanford Leaders in Communication, the largest persuasion organization for Stanford graduate students and postdocs. Chris is also a lecturer at Rice University.

Antoine de Morree is a Stanford lecturer and scientist who teaches persuasive communication to scientists and engineers. He cowrote Magnetic, and has given workshops at universities across the country.

We were acquired by a Fortune 100 company in a HIGH eight-figure deal. It was a brutal series of pitches, and Chris was critical to our success.

Alberto Zamora CEO of Movilizer



We raised over $2 million in our latest round. Chris was a cornerstone for our fundraising.

Mostafa Akbari CEO of HoloBuilder





A Proven Formula to Win Funding

"Brimming with helpful tips and industry wisdom... A go to resource for every serious founder."

Raymond Nasr, Former Director of Executive Communications at Google


The Startup Pitch outlines the pitch that over 90% of startups use to win funding. It is the defining book in the field, with other books and seminars modeled from it. Readers gain strategies to pitch persuasively and build slidedecks. The book includes multiple successful pitches as examples. It is the most complete reference source to learn pitch skills and win investor funding.



How Great Leaders Persuade and Inspire

MAGNETIC shows how top CEOs and political leaders attract support to manifest their mission. The book outlines how to overcome resistance, pitch ideas, and build relationships through the use of research and case studies. MAGNETIC gives readers the skills to convince others and inspire large-scale change in the world.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
French-American Chamber of Commerce
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Fish 2.0 Worldwide Conference
Santa Clara University TEDx
Pejman Marr Ventures
Stanford Ignite
Claremont McKenna
German Accelerator
Stanford BASES
Ivey College of London
Audencia Business School
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