A Proven Formula to Win Funding

The Startup Pitch is the most complete reference source to learn pitch skills and secure investor funding. Chris Lipp has spent thousands of hours working with the best startups in Silicon Valley to identify what it takes to win investors.

The book outlines:


  • Formula used by over 90% of successful startups

  • Strategies to pitch persuasively

  • Insights on slides and delivery

  • Examples of successful pitches

Get The Startup Pitch: A Proven Formula to Win Funding.

Raymond Nasr, Former Director of Executive Communications at Google

Brimming with professional insights and wisdom... A 'go to' resource for every serious founder.

JD Schramm, Director of Mastery at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Rapid fire, exactly what I find my students expect.

Steve Ciesinski, Vice President at SRI International and Angel Investor

Valuable resource for both novice founders and veteran CEOs to flesh out the story and communicate to financiers.

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